Nice to have a shop that I can trust. Walter has been great 👍

5 Meridian Automotive 7/16/2018

This is my go to shop. They are very friendly and professional. I've had my wife's Subaru in many times for various issues. The latest being an intermittent no start issue. First couple times they couldn't replicate it. Being a mechanic myself I know how frustrating it is to not be able to fix something because you can't get it to fail. Then have to tell the customer you couldn't fix it since you can't replicate problem. So they found a problem checking all possible causes. Got car back and it started acting up again days later. Took it back in a week ago and was never so happy to hear they got it to fail several times. Then were able to track down the problem. They treated me right with out charging me last time as it has been in 4 or 5 times for same issue. I was getting ready to drive it off a cliff as it wasn't reliable. Thank you to Walt, Jason and crew for figuring it out. We will not be driving it off a cliff now.

5 Meridian Automotive 7/13/2018

Great customer service and great mechanics. Honest and dependable!

5 Meridian Automotive 7/11/2018

As ALWAYS fast response time to my repairs. Quality service and friendly staff. I wouldn't take my fleet trucks anywhere else. Jason is the guy that makes things happen. Thanks again for all you do and keep up the good work!

5 Meridian Automotive 7/10/2018

Meridian Auto came to our rescue when our back passenger window stopped working in the down position over the weekend. Called first thing Monday morning. They got us in right away, found the problem, got the parts needed and got the window working! All in less than 3 hours! Awesome job!! Anyone who has had an unsecured vehicle due to window problems knows the need for a quick resolution. Peace of mind is priceless. Thank you Meridian Auto.

George, we are glad we could come to your rescue! Thank you for your review, and thank you for choosing Meridian Automotive! :) Meridian Automotive
5 Meridian Automotive 7/3/2018

The customer service I received during my visit was Top Notch! I was having my car serviced but also had specific questions that were addressed in an educational fashion that helped me really understand the issues. Thank you all for your wonderful service.

Linda, thank you so much! Our goal is to "take the scare out of auto repair" and we do that by educating our customers so they can understand what is going on and why, as well as what the solutions are. Glad we could help you when you needed it! Thank you for choosing Meridian Automotive! Meridian Automotive
5 Meridian Automotive 7/3/2018

My wife travels to Boise with our kids and our vehicle began to make strange noises. I found Meridian online and saw they were a AAA service provider and had good reviews. I had her car towed to the service center on a Friday morning and by mid-afternoon, Mike had called me back with an estimate and we determined what had to be fixed. On Monday, the work was completed and the car was cleared to drive 470 miles home. I am grateful for the quick response and the extra ordinary efforts made to expedite the service and provide a fair price given the fact we were "out of towners" I highly recommend Meridian and would use them for my auto work if I lived in the Boise area.

5 Meridian Automotive 7/2/2018

Meridian Automotive rebuilt the engine and front end in my classic car. I am very happy with the results. The car runs and drives great.

Dennis, thank you for trusting us with your beauty! Meridian Automotive
5 Meridian Automotive 7/2/2018

Great service!

Thank you Mike! Meridian Automotive
5 Meridian Automotive 6/28/2018

Great people, great service. Expensive.

4 Meridian Automotive 6/27/2018