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  • 7 Tips for Driving Safely With a Pet

    Tuesday 31 May 2016 blog post

    When you bring your pet in the car with you, whether it be for a cross country road trip or a simple errand run, it may be tempting to hold your pet on your lap while you’re driving. Or, perhaps, you may decide to let them sit on the seat next to you or even allow them to roam the vehicle. Both of which could potentially be dangerous for you and/or your pet. If at some point you have to brake suddenly, an unrestrained pet could be thrown around the vehicle or injured by airbags if they dep... read more

  • Vehicle Fluids -When to Check, When to Change

    Tuesday 31 May 2016 blog post

    To keep your car working efficiently and to prevent major breakdowns, it needs preventative maintenance. One of the easiest forms of preventative maintenance that you can do is to check and maintain your car’s fluid levels. Pretty much everyone knows the importance of changing the oil in their car, but not everyone is aware of the other types of fluids that keep their car running. Are you aware of the different types of fluids in your car? Are you aware of how often they should be checked... read more

  • Which Motor Oil Should I Use?

    Tuesday 31 May 2016 blog post

    Motor oil is responsible for lubricating the moving parts of your vehicles engine, and is one of the most important vehicle fluids that are used. Motor oil is vital to keeping your car in good running order by preventing excessive engine wear. But which type of motor oil should you use? Types of Motor Oil There are three main kinds of motor oil – conventional, synthetic and synthetic blend. Conventional – This kind of oil is considered “organic.” Basic... read more

  • 5 Historical Sites and Landmarks Near Meridian Idaho

    Friday 20 May 2016 blog post

    You should never forget where you came from. History is important to not only who we are as individuals, but who we are as a culture. Once in a while it is important to get in touch with where we came from and get back to our roots. We learn and grow from the past. That is why we have put together a list of five historical sites and landmarks in Idaho that we think are worth a visit. Photo Credit: Old Idaho Penetentiary-  Sep ... read more

  • Our Top 10 Favorite Places to Eat in Meridian, ID

    Friday 20 May 2016 blog post

    Some days, you just don’t want to cook, and sometimes going out and getting a meal with a friend is a nice escape. As the Meridian community continues to grow, so does our restaurant selection. So where are you going to go?  To help you decide, we have put together a list of our Top 10 Favorite Places to Eat in Meridian, ID: Epi's Basque Restaurant- 1115 N Main Street Meridian, ID, 83642 (208) 884-0142 http://episaba... read more

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