• Top 5 Causes of Low Oil Pressure in your Engine

    Thursday 07 March 2019 blog post

    Engine oil protects your car engine from overheating due to friction. It acts as a lubricant to prevent friction between the different moving parts thereby reducing damage from wear and tear. Another important responsibility of engine oil is to clear away debris that can get accumulated over the surface of the components. For these reasons, it is important that you ensure your engine does not suffer any damage due to low oil pressure. If the engine oil pressure is low, it can lead to several i... read more

  • Common Car Noises and What They Mean

    Monday 04 February 2019 blog post

    There are some sounds that we have become accustomed to hearing while driving — for example, the low humming of an engine and the whoosh sound of wind when driving at high speed. Apart from the expected sounds, if you start to hear weird noises from your car, it may indicate a fault that needs to be looked at by a mechanic. The following are some common car sounds and what they may mean: Squeaking Sound When Making a Turn: If you start to hear a squeaking noise when turning right or left... read more

  • 3 Simple Things You Can Do to Avoid High Auto Repair Costs

    Monday 04 February 2019 blog post

    People are never happy when their vehicle needs major auto repairs because most of the time, these repairs are expensive. However, we have noticed that a significant number of auto repairs can be avoided by doing three simple things: Follow the maintenance schedule as indicated in your owner’s manual for your vehicle Establish a relationship with a local mechanic you can trust. Practice good car care habits. You probably didn’t blink over the first two. But what about the third? H... read more

  • How to Choose a Good Auto Repair Shop

    Monday 04 February 2019 blog post

    The relationship between car owners and mechanics is built on trust. Unless you are a car expert, it is almost impossible to know if what your mechanic is telling you is the truth. Some unscrupulous auto repair experts are known to take advantage of this knowledge gap to fleece car owners from their hard-earned money. The importance of finding a good auto repair shop is not only to avoid getting duped but also about safety. It is essential to work with auto repairers that know what they're... read more

  • New Year's Eve Events in the Treasure Valley

    Monday 31 December 2018 blog post

    New Year’s Eve is a time to say goodbye to the past year and look forward to all the new possibilities in the year to come. Take the time to step out of the everyday norm and celebrate 2019 at one of these local Treasure Valley events!               New Year's Eve Party at the Inn at 500   December 31st- January 1st Food, drinks, dancing and more! Dance 2018 away with the DJs from SoundWave in the beautiful Capitol Roo... read more

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